Water Solution

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著者 Michiko Iwanami
ジャンル 専門書
出版年月日 2021/03/22
ISBN 9784863454880
判型・ページ数 B5・132ページ
定価 9,680円(税込)
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The study of this book aims to reveal the mechanisms by which improved water supply services are or are not ensured to customers by using the case of the Jakarta water concessions.
Despite reasonably good performance in most of the standard technical
indicators, experiences and views of customers revealed their difficulties in securing safe drinking water, thereby suggesting that improved service delivery has not been ensured.
This study also revealed disparities in the aspect of water supply services that stakeholders value most. These disparities, together with a weak regulatory system, explain why improved water supply services are not ensured to customers. In addition to the above, factors related to the political economy of Indonesia are used to explain the reason for the concession arrangement being instituted in its form as well as the state of the performance of water supply services.
Water Solution